Windows Vista UAC demo code: develop using least privilege

One of the new Windows Vista security features that might confuse developers is . In order to help developers develop UAC enabled applications Microsoft has released ""


This demo sample code shows how to develop using least privilege leveraging User Account Control.

It contains 3 projects, all developed in C#:

    • GetLocalTime
    • SetLocalClock
    • RunElevatedCommand

In order to set the local clock you will need to enable UAC. This the different steps to achieve this are well explained in the solution.

the sample from the Microsoft Download Center and install using the .msi. By default it will install into

"C:\Users\<alias>\Documents\Microsoft Corporation\User Account Control Demo\"



Comments (1)

  1. J'onn J'onzz says:

    Can’t wait to see the VB6 version of this.  Sadly it’ll probably have to come from the community.

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