June 5 > Wygday: Fast track to technological readiness

Next week, June 5th, and organizes .

Wygday's goal is to give the attendees the ability to keep up with the upcoming Microsoft technologies and provide answers to the questions you might have when using these technologies.

I personally think this is a great initiative and shows the real community spirit of the . The web site also shows they do have a deep understanding on how to build highly interactive sites using ASP.NET AJAX. I'm looking forward to their Silverlight adventures!

if you want to attend.

Conference details:



The agenda (in French!):

Les technologies de développement Web d'aujourd'hui et de demain : ASP.NET + AJAX + Silverlight (L200) Be Open XML , quels avantages du format ouvert de la suite Microsoft Office (L300)
Plateforme collaborative SharePoint 2007 (L200) Workflow foundation au quotidien (L300)
A l'aube de la (re)naissance de l'application web riche : Silverlight (L400) Communication Foundation au quotidien
L’après Winform , vive Windows Presentation Foundation (L300) Gadget Academy : Créez vos gadgets vista (L200)
Développez sur et avec Sharepoint 2007 (L300) Découvrez "Orcas" (L300)
Introduction à Linq - un nouveau modèle d'accès aux données Manipulation de documents OpenXML avec .NET et Java (L300)

Consider this day as a fast track to your technological readiness. See you there!

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