June 6 > MSDN Evening – Securing ASP.NET AJAX enabled web applications, lessons from the field

Our last MSDN event is only a couple of days away and we're already looking forward to .

On June 6th , ZION Security , will deliver the session: "Securing ASP.NET AJAX enabled web applications, lessons from the field"

AJAX is changing the way Web applications look and how they are developed, but Web developers are not aware of the security risks they are introducing into their applications with these emerging technologies. While most developers are aware of the importance of designing and testing for security in their applications, few of them are aware of the unique security implications of AJAX technologies. AJAX fundamentally changes the user experience and server interactions in Web applications, so developers may be taking otherwise secure applications and opening up new angles of attack for hackers by hastily adopting these new approaches without understanding their vulnerabilities.

This talk will discuss and demonstrate the security pitfalls common in ASP.NET AJAX development and is based on experiences while analyzing real world ASP.NET AJAX applications.

This promises to be an interesting session, especially with the buzz on developing AJAX enabled web applications these days. A lot of web developers don't realize about the security implications when using AJAX. Erwin has gained a lot of experience in this domain by testing real life applications on security risks. 

Session details:

  • Speaker: ,
  • Level: 300 (advanced)
  • Prerequisites: knowledge about ASP.NET development and ASP.NET AJAX concepts
  • Location: Utopolis, Mechelen
  • Date: 6 June 2007, 18:30 – 20:30 (Registration open at 18:15)

 via the MSDN Belux web site.

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