Silverlight covered at IT Works Seminar

Next Wednesday May 23rd I'll be speaking at the seminar " ".

I'm happy to see that  will be covered at this seminar. The last IT Works seminar I attended was one on AJAX technologies and frameworks. It gave a nice overview of AJAX as a technology and a number of AJAX frameworks. No ASP.NET AJAX coverage at that time (which was a litle bit unfortunate) but in this upcoming seminar ASP.NET AJAX will be introduced by covering a number of case-studies. Wilfried Jansoone from will discuss these case studies that use  in both enterprise as conusmer scenarios. Really useful if you're wondering how AJAX technologies can enhance both the user experience as the backend performance of your applications.

During this seminar I will introduce the technology and how it can be used for building Rich Internet Applications. This will be the first seminar in Belgium where Silverlight will be publicly discussed by Microsoft. If you can't attend but want to learn more on Silverlight, check also the .

Other sessions on the agenda are a number of case studies on /, an  case study and an introduction on . I'm really looking forward to learn more on how these frameworks were used in enterprise scenarios and the SLAs they should meet.

Given the Microsoft technology coverage - which is not really what IT Works attendees expect - I do expect quite some questions on the broader Microsoft developer platform stack during the seminar. See you there!

The full agenda can be found on if you want to attend this seminar.

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