Update on SQL Server code named "Katmai"

Yesterday at the  Microsoft announced some more details on the upcoming release of SQL Server, code named "Katmai". This is the first public disclosure for Katmai.

SQL Server code name "Katmai," the next release of Microsoft SQL Server, provides a comprehensive data platform that is secure, reliable, manageable and scalable for your mission critical applications, while enabling developers to create new applications that can store and consume any type of data on any device, and enabling all your users to make informed decisions with relevant insights.

The 4 pillars for SQL Server Katmai are:

  • Mission Critical Platform for All
  • Redefining Pervasive Insight
  • Beyond Relational
  • Dynamic Development for Data Management Solutions

More information on these and on SQL Server “Katmai” in general can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/prodinfo/futureversion/default.mspx.

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