Introducing Microsoft XNA Express at MSDN Evening April 18

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Microsoft XNA represents a major milestone in the field of game development, bringing game creators a unified platform and the safety of managed code. It also greatly reduces the difficulties faced when starting out in game development, closing the gap between idea and working implementation. The recent release of XNA Express gives programmers a chance to get to grips with the XNA framework and use it to create content for both the PC and the XBOX 360. Beginning with an overview of the XNA platform and the XNA Express development tools, this demo packed presentation then moves into the ‘nitty gritty’ of game development using XNA. This session will programmers that are interested into game development plenty of food for thought and information to get started.

Presenter: Bregt Kets, Researcher at HOWEST - department PIH

Date: Wednesday April 18, 2007

Location: Utopolis, Mechelen

Time: Registration at 18:15, Session starts at 18:30, Session ends at 20:30


A couple of links on XNA to get you started:

Thanks for inviting the speaker!

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