IIS7: The web server for Windows Vista and Beyond

While working on the agenda for the developer sessions at , I had some trouble on finding a good and knowledgeable speaker on . IIS7 or the new Internet Information Services is already available on Windows Vista but will be at full power with the release of Longhorn Server. Why bother about IIS7 at a developer event you might ask. Well there's a excellent reason for this: the next-generation IIS 7.0 Web server makes such a big difference to developers and administrators. Therefore it's important to give developers a head start in using many of its new features.

Due to the , taking place in San Diego, CA in the same week as Dev & IT-Pro Days 2007 it was hard to have a speaker from the IIS product team at our local event. An excellent opportunity to let our this year - - take the stage and discuss IIS7.

Bart will be delivering the session "Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0: End-to-End Overview of Microsoft's New Web Application Server". More information on this session and the overall agenda of the event, can be found on the .

If you can't wait till Bart's session, you should have a look at these two articles on IIS7 that have just been published:

Excellent reading!

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  1. Apache says:

    The real question is…

    How does IIS7 compare to Apache?

    It seems like everything new to IIS7 is right out of the Apache playbook.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Good things get copied, right? But there’s also a lot of innovation in IIS7.

    To answer the real question we will have to wait for the release of Longhorn Server. But for now IIS7 is pretty impressive for a developer with its integrated .NET extensibility, the Windows Process Activation Service, configuration and administration features, diagnostics, security and setup.

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