Getting started with developing WPF/E applications

The and has generated quite some interest in the technology according to the  search results for and .

Running the is fairly simple but when starting with the development of a WPF/E application quite some questions might pop up. A few examples:

  • what exactly is WPF/E?
  • how does it relate to XAML?
  • how do I get started in Visual Studio 2005?
  • what's a "WPF/E" JavaScript application template and why do I need the Web Applications Project?
  • which tools should I use for creating the design of the application?
  • how should I configure my app to deploy the XAML runtime to Internet Explorer and Firefox?
  • what will be running in the browser: xml or binary content?
  • how does ASP.NET AJAX relates to WPF/E?
  • what are the scenarios for using WPF/E?

The good news is that all of these questions are answered in the following white papers on MSDN:

Finally you also might want to check out , or the result of integrating Adobe's (Flash) and Microsoft's (WPF/E) web technologies: .

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