Cyra Richardson covers IE7 at TechEd: Developers

I promised to keep you up to date on the changes in the . Despite the web development track is a virtual track, and part of the overall developer track at TechEd: Developers, some session changes can impact import parts of the messaging.

Last week I learned that , Program Manager on the Internet Explorer team, wouldn't be able to make it to . This wasn't a pleasant surprise, especially knowing that we put quite some effort in having Tony to come to Europe to deliver these sessions.

Since it's only a couple of weeks ago that we shipped IE7 for XP (and IE7 will RTM very soon for Windows Vista too) I can imagine that quite some developers or just end-users might want to learn about the new rendering capabilities, CSS support, RSS platform, security features, etc. And so I decided to host two sessions on Internet Explorer 7:

  • DEV235 - Internet Explorer 7: What's new for developers?
  • DEVWD28 - Exploring new functionality in Internet Explorer 7

As Tony wasn't able to make it we made sure we had a backup from the Corporate IE product team coming over to Europe. I was surprised to see it was . Cyra has been to Belgium a couple of weeks ago where she delivered an on "What's new in Internet Explorer 7?". We received some excellent feedback on that session, so I'm very confident she will be delivering a good breakout session and an interesting whiteboard session.

For those of you picking your sessions from the printed session guide, you will notice that Tony Chor is still listed as the speaker for the sessions DEV235 (Internet Explorer 7: What's new for developers?) and DEVWD28 (Exploring new functionality in Internet Explorer 7). The guides were already in printing when we learned about the speaker swap. On the  all session and speaker info was updated a couple of days ago.

TIP: Check out the  for all the latest sessions updates or changes.

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