Software Development Lifecycle-in-a-Box training kit

I picked this up from the : Microsoft will release in the next few weeks the second version of the

The purpose of the 3‐Day SDLC‐in‐a‐Box training program is to provide Microsoft partners, consultants and customers with a complete overview and illustration of the  platform using a real‐world sample application and following the Basic Maturity Level of Microsoft’s Application Platform Optimization Initiative (APOI) model.
The goal of the SDLC‐in‐a‐Box Training Kit is to provide partners and consultants with a set of customizable training tools that can then be delivered to customers as Custom or SDLC training engagements. The training engagement will benefit the customer immediately by assisting in their understanding of VSTS and TFS and will also provide value to the delivering partner by generating leads for follow up services engagements.
The goal of the training program itself is to enable a customer to see how VSTS and Team Foundation Server can help in providing a more formalized SDLC or Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) process, while leveraging the current level of expertise, existing methodology and shorter project lifecycles. The training program and adoption of VSTS will ultimately aid in improving the customer’s productivity, quality and management of applications, without the burden of a large, enterprise‐scale TFS implementation.
The training is designed to span 3 days, but can be tailored to 1 or 2 according to the level of education already received by the customer, and their existing knowledge of and TFS.

What is the SDLC-in-a-Box?

  • A catalyst for other people’s training programs: we want this to help ramp you up quickly on how to use, train, consult and help others implement SDLC using Visual Studio Team System
  • An inspiration to take the SDLC Deep Dive: we hope that seeing SDLC implemented so simply through the eyes of VSTS, you’ll feel that you can do it too, using Visual Studio Team System as the SDLC tools platform of choice
  • A training kit for the savvy enthusiast: if you want to walk it through and teach yourself, it’s all yours!
  • A demonstration of third party integration: we work with tons of partners and just picked a couple to demonstrate

What the SDLC-in-a-Box is NOT?

  • End User training on how to use Visual Studio Team System or Team Foundation Server
  • Bug-Free: this is a work in progress and you’re getting it as we deliver it ourselves
  • An endorsement of any Partner Product: we’ll work with any and all partners to provide a customized version of SDLC-in-a-Box using their products
  • Supported by Microsoft: it’s simple; a couple of guys just want to pass along some examples and best practices and hope you learn and pass along your VSTS knowledge to’re on your own

There will be included a ton of partner product integration, additional presentations and guides, and more information on .

Check out the web site at .

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  1. I picked this up from David Boschmans Weblog : Microsoft will release in the next few weeks the second

  2. I blogged it already a couple of weeks ago but it’s now available: SDLC-in-a-Box version 2.0 ! The goal

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