Barco and Microsoft teaming up on Windows Vista

The Belgian Business Innovation Event "" is approaching quickly. My colleague reports on his experiences in preparing this event together with the people of . While I haven't been monitoring this project closely the last months, I know that my ISV DE colleague  has been working hard together with Arlindo, the Windows Vista product team and the guys from Barco on getting to run Windows Vista on the Barco projectors.

Have you already heard about the functionality? This functionality is part of . Wouldn't it be cool when you (as a speaker) arrive at a place, boot your Windows Vista computer and it detects a nearby (network connected) projector that lets you establish a connection through a wired or wireless network?

I guess so! Well that's exactly what the the network projection feature of allows. So no efforts anymore on setting up and connecting Windows Vista to networked projectors!

Arlindo is still testing this feature. I'm curious to see how the wireless interaction of mobile phones, PDA's will influence the quality of the network projection. If all goes well - and I really hope so - you will be able to see it at work on the "" event.

I'm interested in this stuff as last year I enrolled Barco into one of Microsoft's early adopter programs for Windows Vista. And it was around that time that I delivered one of my first Windows Vista developer presentations. At the Barco demo center. I had never before presented using such a high-end and top video wall as big as a cinema screen. It was amazing to see the new Windows Vista shine on that screen.

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