ASP.NET AJAX: Beta 1 released and on track for more

After a year full of CTP releases Microsoft ! Read the announcement and the details on .

On the there's a lot of information available on this first beta. Especially the will be very helpful when transitioning applications built with the earlier "Atlas" CTPs to this first beta. Check also the detailed whitepaper "Changes between the ASP.NET AJAX (“Atlas”) CTP and the v1.0 Beta Release" (, ) that describes the changes and how to migrate your applications successfully.

When browsing through these documents you will notice that quite some features changed from the CTP to the 1.0 release. Take a look at the feature matrix below that I copied from the .




Server-side Features
Asynchronous client-to-server networking X  
Authentication as a Web service X  
AutoCompleteExtender class    
ControlExtender class X  
Coss-browser Web Parts drag-and-drop   X
DragOverlayExtender control   X
PpupExtender class   X
Profle as a Web service X  
ScriptMaager and ScriptManagerProxy controls X  
Static page mthods as Web services X  
Timer control X  
UpdatePanel cotrol X  
UpdateProgress cotrol    X1
Client-side Features
Actions components   X
Authentication fo JavaScript X  
AutoCompleteBehavior lass   X
BatchResponse class   X
Behavior class X  
Binding component   X
Button control   X
Calling .asmx Web sevices from JavaScript X  
Checkbox control   X
Click behavior   X
Component class X  
Control class X
Cunter class   X
Crss-browser Web Parts   X
Data control   X
Dbug class X  
DraDropList control   X
DragDropManager component   X
DraggableListItem control   X
FadeAnimation component   X
Floating behavior   X
Hover behavior   X
Hyerlink control   X
mage control   X
Inputcontrol   X
JavaScipt Array type extensios X  
JavaScript Boolean type extensions X  
JavaScript Error type extensions    
JavaScript Number type extensions    
JavaScript Object type extensions X  
JavaScript String type extensions X  
JSON serialization X  
Label cotrol   X
Layout behavio   X
Opacity beavior   X
Popup behaior   X
Profile for JvaScript X  
Selectr control   X
ServiceMethod clss X  
Sys.Data an Sys.UI.Data namespaces   X
Txtbox control   X
Timer control   X
race class X  
Validtor controls   X
xl-script support   X

1 - UpdateProgres will move from the ASP.NET AJAX CTP to ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 in the Release Candidate.

ASP.NET AJAX has been factored into two separate downloads in reparation for the RTM release:

  • the supported ASP.NET AJAX version 1.0 core release
  • the community-supported Value-Add CTP release

The features that didn't made it to the core release will be made available later on through value-add CTP releases.

All the above means that we're on track for some more announcements at . All ASP.NET AJAX sessions are 100% live on the TechEd web site, including scheduling information.

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  1. This release includes a number of significant items: 1) An update to and

  2. If you're trying to migrate from previous Microsoft Atlas releases to the new ASP.NET AJAX Core Beta

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