TechEd: Developers or Ready for a new day?

In November a lot of techies will be in attending ( or ). At these events attendees get deep technical training, information and community resources to build software solutions with Microsoft development tools, plan, deploy and manage the secure connected enterprise applications. 

Those of you not being able to get deep technical training at TechEd might want to have a look at our  or the . These events provide technical content to developers. Does this mean that developers that haven't seen Windows Vista, Microsoft Office, Exchange Server 2007 or Windows Live yet, will need to wait till 2007 to get idea what the value proposition of products is? No not at all ...

On November 9 organizes the at the Heyzel in Brussels. 

This will be the biggest business event in the history of Microsoft BeLux where primarily a business audience is served. Attendees will be able to discover some of the features of the , , during the 16 breakout sessions. You will also see the latest innovations and solutions based on Microsoft's new generation of software in an exhibition area hosted by .

And last but not least we will have two keynotes. In the afternoon will share his passion, experience and vision with you.

Last Monday at our MSDN event some developers asked me if they should attend this event. Well, yes and no. It depends. Developers can attend but you should be aware that you won't get the same technical content as on our local MSDN events. if you're fine with learning about business scenarios than you should attend.
This will be a great opportunity to connect with partners, customers, Microsoft-people and the community.

I'll be attending TechEd: Developers the second week of November. The content is 99% finalized and ... looks great! For those of you still doubting if they would ... it's only 3 days to the end of the !

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