Windows Vista RC1 and RSS Bandit

Arlindo links to a solution or better, a workaround to get RSS Bandit to run properly on Windows Vista beta builds. I've been a long time user of RSS Bandit and was happy with it. But since I switched to Windows Vista I've had quite some problems with RSS Bandit. Especially when editing the configuration like adding or removing feeds etc. 

Therefore I decided to give the RSS Platform of 2007 Office System & Windows Vista a try. Since running beta 2 of both Office and Windows Vista I've imported my OPML file into Outlook 2007. I'm happy with that so far and it reminds me to the time when I was reading feeds with Newsgator. If only I could delete multiple feeds at once ...

Add to that Windows Live Writer and you know how I consume and create RSS feeds these days.

I also noticed that since yesterday the X86 RC1 of Windows Vista is available for download on the Microsoft Connect site:

Date: 8/24/2006
Title: Windows Vista 5536-16385 for X86
Version: 5536.16385
Category: Build
Description: 0x45527F10 vista_5536.16385.060821-1900_vista_rc1_x86fre_client-LR1CFRE_EN_DVD.iso

Update: It looks like this is still a pre-RC1 build. I'll let you know when the official RC1 is available for donwload.

I'll try to install this RC1 build on my Toshiba Tecra M4 during the weekend and let you know how it goes. Next I will also give RSS Bandit a try to see if it works on the RC1 bits. Not that I consider changing my way of working and the tools I'm using but I'm just curious if it's RSS Bandit or Windows Vista that causes the problem. While reading Dare's blog you will notice he's fixing some issues on RSS Bandit...

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  1. Be careful about putting it on the M4. Supposedly it needs a BIOS update to work. But you can probably get it since you’re a ‘Softie. I’m apparently not cool enough so I have to wait.

  2. tarlano says:

    Do you have a link to the vista build I can find it on connect??

  3. MSDN Archive says:

    Hi Robert,

    I’m already running a post beta 2 build on my M4. I’ve had no problems with the bios … just make sure you download the BIOS 1.70 version at That’s the only thing cool guys need 😉


  4. Ура-ааа! Осталось ещё несколько гигабайт и Золотой Ключик у нас в кармане!

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    Tarlano, browse to the my participation section on the connect site. There you will find the connection "Windows Vista, Longhorn Server and IE 7 Beta" from which you will be able to download Windows Vista 5536-16385 for X86.


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