Windows Vista Sample Credential Providers Overview

Microsoft has made available for download a document discussing some custom Windows Vista credential provider samples. Specifically, the following topics are covered:

  1. Understanding the base SampleCredentialProvider codebase.

  2. Common tasks for extending the base SampleCredentialProvider codebase.

  3. SampleCredUICredentialProvider, which supports CredUI.

  4. SampleAllControlsCredentialProvider, which exposes each possible UI control.

  5. SampleHardwareEventCredentialProvider, which supports asynchronous events.

  6. SampleWrapExistingCredentialProvider, which wraps the default username/password credential provider in Windows Vista.

Microsoft previously released a version of SampleCredentialProvider. This new release of the samples has the following changes:

  • 4 new samples showing uses of additional features of the credential provider model

  • Updated the base samplecredentialprovider in the following ways

    • Fixed the issue where the release configuration wouldn’t build

    • Built & tested in on x64fre

    • Fixed a bug in the implementation of GetBitmapValue that caused the tiles not to show up on some machines. Note: Everyone should make sure they pick up this fix.

    • Added an implementation of SetSerialization

Download the Windows Vista Sample Credential Providers Overview for build 5384 (beta 2) at

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