The MicroISV Show #4 with Eric Sink

A couple of days ago Michael Lehman posted the 4th MicroISV Show to Channel 9: The MicroISV Show #4 - Eric Sink - Inventor of the term MicroISV

This time on the MicroISV show I'm talking with Eric Sink (blog, MicroISV article on his blog), founder of SourceGear, who coined the term MicroISV in 2004 when he was a columnist for MSDN (Articles: 1, 2, 3).


The discussion ranges from why Eric wrote the articles, the evolution of the term MicroISV, how the longer a career a developer has the motivation to strike out on one's own grows, how the choice of tools can dramatically affect a MicroISV's success, and Eric's own experience as a MicroISV.


Finally, Eric gives his advice on what to do if you're thinking about becoming a MicroISV.

It's worth listening to this show, even if it's only to find out what it means to be a MicroISV.

The previous shows are still available at

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