First Post – Joining MSDN Blogs

Hi all and welcome to this blog!

Though this is my first post on this MSDN blog, I've been blogging for quite a while on DotNetJunkies. Since I joined Microsoft Belux last year I've been thinking about moving my blog to MSDN. But ever since I didn't really saw the added value of moving my blog as both sites are using the same platform: CommunityServer. But since a couple of weeks I've heard a lot of very positive feedback on the recently deployed 2.0 version of CommunityServer that powers the MSDN and TechNet blogger sites. So far the experience is far better than on DonNetJunkies. Nevertheless, thanks Donny for hosting my blog since August 2004.

As a development platform advisor in the field I'm working most of the time with ISVs on the adoption of new technologies. This blog is mainly intended to talk to those developers and provide them with information that can help them to be more productive on the Microsoft platform.
Another part of my job consist of evangelizing new technologies towards larger audiences. Eg: Developer & IT-Pro Days 2006

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will find it interesting!

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