It’s not what you’ve got, its what you do with it! Windows Embedded in the Enterprise – Free Webinar

Embedded platforms are being increasingly used as part of enterprise solutions to help improve efficiency and drive down cost.  If these type of solutions are of interest to you sign up for the free webinar “Windows Embedded Opportunities in Enterprise Organizations,” will be held on June 28 at 8:00PM GMT.  For further details and registration…


Big Book of BSP Goes Live!

Check out Called the “Big Book of BSP” and hosted on the Channel 9 website.  The wiki, specifically for developers of Windows CE and Windows Mobile board-support packages (BSP’s), aims to provide “comprehensive information pertaining to Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile BSPs.” The wiki contains the knowledge on BSPs from within Microsoft and covers topics such…


Memory Marshalling in Windows CE 6.0

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 introduced a new, “third generation” kernel.  Unsurprisingly, changes to the kernel architecture have impacted the way system software such as drivers and servers access memory.  Sue Loh has put together yet another great whitepaper that explains the new memory access procedures.   Check out the Windows CE Base team blog at

Does Windows XP Embedded really need 10,000 Components?

Andy Allred wrote a very interesting piece in the XP Embedded Team’s blog around componentisation and whether we really need 12,000 components.   Is there a better way? Maybe it makes sense to “group” features together that don’t have a lot of dependencies on other features. For example, “Instead of having several dozen components that…

Selecting a Flash File System for Mobile Devices

Although it is neither seen or touched by the user, Low-level, flash filesystem software provides critical functionality on many mobile devices, ensuring that data can be written to the storage media, accessed by the user, and read on demand.  Check out this great whitepaper which discusses the issues involved in selecting an appropriate flash filesystem.

Embedded Devices in the Enterprise

I’m giving a short presentation (15 mins) tomorrow to a number of Partners and was wondering what I could cover in such a short period of time that would be useful – and help them stay awake… I got to thinking about embedded devices in large enterprises where they are typically widely distributed and remotely managed. …