EMEA .NET Micro Framework Porting Labs sheduled for November

I blogged about this a while back, to guage demand, and I’m happy to report that, based on your feedback, a .NET Micro Framework Porting Training session has been scheduled for Sunday, November 4, 2007 in conjunction with TechED Developers Europe in Barcelona, Spain. The training will take place at AC Hotel Barcelona.   Note that…


Swimming the English Channel with Virtual Earth

I recently did some work with Road Angel, a Satellite Navigation company in the UK, around an Enterprise vehicle tracking system called Mileage Management, which they have developed with their Partner Alpha Micro.  Checkout the Video Case Study. Well, in the interests of Charity, Alpha Micro have taken the solution an adapted it so that…


Latest XP Embedded Online Chat Transcript Available

The June 12th XP Embedded Chat transcript is available on MSDN.  The chat, covers a number of topic areas including XP Embedded “Update Rollup 1.0”, Windows Media Player 11 componentisation, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) availability and what the team is working on for the future. The transcript can be found here.


Under the Covers – Querying the XP Embedded Repository

Every considered that, in certain circumstances, it would be useful to query the XP Embedded repository directly rather than using the Target Designer or Component Database Manager?  If you simply want to find out which components contain a particular file (e.g iexplorer.exe) you can use the following query: SELECT    ExtendedProperties.StringValue, ComponentObjects.DisplayNameFROM       ExtendedProperties INNER JOIN               ComponentObjects…


Survey – Micro Framework Porting Training in EMEA

Whilst at MEDC last week I had a number of conversations regarding the possibility of running a Micro Framework Hardware Porting Lab in Europe.  We would really like to do this but would like to assess demand, so that we can ensure the training is appropriate. If you are interested could you please forward me,…


MEDC Berlin – Micro Framework Session Demo

Those of you at my MEDC session in Berlin would have seen me build a Micro Framework application, from scratch, that allowed you to visually set a desired temperature and then communicate this across an RS232 interface. For the demo I used the Freescale Emulator and i.MXS board.  However it is possible to recreate the…


MEDC Berlin – Micro Framework Emulators

I had a couple of conversations MEDC last week regarding the creation and extention of Micro Framework emulators.  The attached document is from an Instructor Led Lab that was run at MEDC Vegas, it gives a great overview of the Micro Framework emulator and how it can be easily extended.  Please let me know if…


MEDC Berlin – Micro Framework Session Slide Deck

Thankyou to all of you who attended my Micro Framework session at MEDC Berlin earlier this week.  I hope you found it useful and informative…  You can find the slide deck I referenced attached.  Let me know if you have any questions. -Dave MEDC OTT201.pdf


Paris Techdays – Me, Mike and Olivier talk about Embedded…

Olivier blogged about this a while back, but I came across it whilst I was pulling material together for MEDC.  During the Paris Techdays in February, Oliver Bloch, Mike Hall and myself where interviewed about Microsoft Embedded technologies: Windows CE 6.0, Windows XP Embedded, and the .NET Micro Framework. Don’t be afraid the interview starts in French,…


Getting Started with the Freescale i.MXS Micro Framework Board

One of the Micro Framework boards I’ve been working with recently is the i.MXS from Freescale, it has great functionality and is great for demos with it’s QVGA screen. Alden Linn has written a whitepaper which offers some great tips for getting started with .NET MF using the i.MXS Development Kit and, among other things, addresses some differences…