Controlling Your Festive Lights with the .NET Micro Framework

Rob Miles has come up with a new spin on seasonal project by making his festive lights flash red whenever he posts a new entry on his blog :).  Check out for all of the information on the .NET Micro Framework and the hardware and code required for this cool festive project.


Have you heard about Silverlight Mobile?

Microsoft Silverlight powers rich application experiences wherever the Web works including mobile devices. Silverlight provides a homogenous platform for developers to target a large number of devices as well as deliver rich interactive applications with scalable vector graphics user interfaces and mobile-optimized media. Further, Silverlight for mobile enables developers to reuse their existing desktop code,…

Rob’s New Book. Free C# Teaching Materials

Rob Miles, a professor at the University of Hull, and with whom I had the pleasure of delivering a couple of .NET Micro Framework [2] sessions at TechEd EMEA last year, has released his C# teaching materials for free. He has called it the “yellow book”, since it is yellow and structured like a normal…

Looking for Windows CE Supported BSP’s or Drivers?

You need to look no further than… Happy building – Dave

MirrorPilot – Reflecting on Satellite Navigation

Frank blogged about this cool device yesterday.  MirrorPilot is a Satellite Navigation device that’s behind a semi-transparent mirror (so you don’t see it when it’s off).  Running CE 5.0, the BSP is designed by Keith & Koep and the navigation software is by Elektrobit, and the thing is running CE 5.0. The MirrorPilot is produced…


Web Connected Devices in the UK? Look no further than REMIX.

If you’re looking at connected device solutions and are interested in how they fit into the Next Web then check out ReMIX 08. ReMix UK 08 runs from 18 – 19 September 2008 at the Brighton Centre, Kings Road, Brighton. We’ll be looking at the ‘Next Web’: the current state of play and the impact…


.NET Micro Framework v3.0 Beta SDK released

The .NET Micro Framework v3.0 Beta is available to download from the Microsoft Connect Site.  More information on the Micro Framework team Blog —> here. The beta is hosted at includes the following features: touch capability inking inking capability VS 2008 support interop usb device SSL DPWS with codegen tools …and if that’s not…


New version of Windows CE – ScarecrowReady

OK – so this blog is in desperate need of a relaunch.  But whilst I’m working on some new content I couldn’t resist bringing you a sneak preview of our newest version of Windows CE.  ScarecrowReady…    No it’s not a real product, but always interesting to see the variety of different uses for Windows…