Swimming the English Channel with Virtual Earth

I recently did some work with Road Angel, a Satellite Navigation company in the UK, around an Enterprise vehicle tracking system called Mileage Management, which they have developed with their Partner Alpha Micro.  Checkout the Video Case Study.

Well, in the interests of Charity, Alpha Micro have taken the solution an adapted it so that you can Live track a sterling bunch of Microsoft UK employees who are going to swim the channel this weekend - The Sat Nav is in the boat by the way 🙂

Thanks to Microsoft Virtual Earth and the clever programmers from Alpha Micro Systems you will be able to track their progress, see their profiles, find out who is swimming, see how long they’ve been going, send txt messages of support and see photos uploaded live from the boat as they go.  All via the website http://www.amslivetrac.com/.

They're starting at 12:30AM Sunday (UK time) - That's Saturday night, and by the team's own admission it's unlikely they will finish until way into Sunday afternoon so you will be able to view their progress for much of the day.

All money raised will support the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance, and you can donate at www.justgiving.com/channelswim2007

Follow their progress at http://www.amslivetrac.com/ and support the world’s first world’s first internet tracked channel swim.

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  1. Anna Moroncini says:

    Good luck to you all,  from Alpha Micro USA. I sure do hope it’s not too cold for you.  Be safe ! !

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