Survey – Micro Framework Porting Training in EMEA

Whilst at MEDC last week I had a number of conversations regarding the possibility of running a Micro Framework Hardware Porting Lab in Europe.  We would really like to do this but would like to assess demand, so that we can ensure the training is appropriate.

If you are interested could you please forward me, via this blog, your contact details and a short synopsis of the hardware you wish to port (1 to 2 sentences will do :)).

Many Thanks


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  1. Rolf Höpli says:

    Hi Dave

    We’re currently investigating in .NET MF. Since we are doingprojects on a consultanca base, we don’t have our own hardware, but we want to understand what we have to do to get .NET MF "up-and-running" on customers hardware.

    So – definitley we have the need to get educated in this year 🙂

    Best Regards,

    –Rolf Höpli (eMVP)

  2. timthorn says:

    Hi Dave

    In the first instance, I’d be looking to port to an lpc2100 series device, probably in an Embedded Artists platform. I hope to port to a Luminary Micro Stellaris M3 device in a custom hw platform one day.



  3. Do you have any details or pointers on material which outlines the process one goes through to port the .NET Micro Framework?

    I have a high level overview from a presentation Mike Hall presented while he was in New Zealand, but I am wondering more from the commerical side of things as most of the information so far essentially says “Contact the .NET Micro Framework team”.

    Is this something only open to companies which have a lot of money to invest? Mike for example mentioned that at the time the easiest way was probably to attend a porting event at the Redmond campus in the US.

    I am developing a blog which I am using to track my experiences with the .NET Micro Framework. Eventually I would love to investigate porting the framework to some of the ARM based hardware I have available locally.

  4. Ashok says:

    I would like to port .NET MF into Luminary devices. Kindly give me the basic setup procedure for .NET MF porting to a custom MCU.

    Your help is highly appreciated.



  5. I blogged about this a while back , to guage demand, and I’m happy to report that, based on your feedback,

  6. nommaz says:

    Hi, we are also evaluating lpc2100 series device in an Embedded Artists platform. One or two people from my organization would definitely attend such an event.

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