MEDC Berlin – Micro Framework Session Slide Deck

Thankyou to all of you who attended my Micro Framework session at MEDC Berlin earlier this week.  I hope you found it useful and informative... 

You can find the slide deck I referenced attached.  Let me know if you have any questions.


MEDC OTT201.pdf

Comments (1)

  1. elwolv says:


    your slides shows "data loggers"  as a possible application for the .net MF.

    since there is no File system in the API  

    only memory stream (which no sample of how to use or create a file system from that)

    1- how do we create a data logger that can be retrieved?

    2- how do we create a removable storage like flash-cards types (SD etc…) interface?

    any suggestion on hardware provider for that?

    3- usually those flash-cards are for camera application for image.   how can we read those cards as data card on the pc?  any literature on the subject.

    thank you

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