Free GUI tool simplifies WEPOS POS for .NET Setup

I caught this on Mike’s blog earlier this week.  Sean Liming of SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions has released a free graphical utility that supports WEPOS installations greatly simplifies the configuration of peripherals in POS for .NET.


Service Object Manager (SOM) simplifies management of POS for .NET "Service Objects” on local or remote systems by providing a graphical implementation of the POS for .NET command line tool POSDM.EXE.  As such it can provide all of the functionality currently delivered by the command line tool, including:

·         List POS devices available to applications

·         List service objects installed in the system

·         List logical names for POS for .NET applications to use

·         Set logical names for service objects

·         Enable and Disable service objects

·         Set one service object as default if two devices of the same type are present

·         Add and remove Non Plug and Play devices

·         Manage systems over a network

You can download the tool (And get details of Sean’s great book) for free at

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