…and it makes coffee (Part 2)

...the second in an occasional series.

Struggling for that last minute Christmas present?  Know someone who loves their coffee?  Check out the Windows CE based Westinghouse Beyond Home Hub and coffee maker on Amazon.

Home Hub Features:

  • High performance AM/FM radio with intuitive, web-programmable presets
  • CD Player
  • Automatic weather forecast updates from Accuweather
  • Automatic personal financial portfolio updates
  • Clock automatically synchronizes with US atomic clock via internet
  • Multiple alarms with intuitive programming via web interface
  • Display adjusts for easy viewing lying down or standing
  • Automatic daily family calendar reminders with web interface
  • Power failure time protection
  • Automatically provides programming updates and clock data to Beyond appliances
  • Sends and receives information to the Beyond connected Appliance Network
  • Small enough to easily fit on a nightstand
  • Microsoft CE.Net operating system

But most importantly !!!

"Since it uses always-on power-line communications to connect to the Appliances, you can even check to see if your morning coffee is ready before leaving the warmth of your bed! "

Santa's on IM now (nothpole@live.com), I wonder if he'll accept updates to my Christmas list?

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