Will Windows CE 5.0 Apps Run on Windows CE 6.0?

Mike Hall covered this in a recent Blog post here. Given that Windows Embedded CE 6.0 introduces a third-generation kernel architecture, it’s natural to wonder whether application binaries built for CE 5.0 will run on CE 6.0. Windows Embedded technical product manager Mike Hall has addressed this question in a recent blog post.According to Mike, the…


Worried about Embedded licencing for multicore processors? – Don’t.

With multicore processors becoming increasingly common, questions naturally arise regarding licensing issues when running OSes like Windows XP and Windows XP Embedded on such hardware. Windows XPe team member Matt Kellner addresses this issue in a post on the Windows XP Embedded blog.”Some software licenses call out a maximum number of processors they’re licensed to…


Getting to know Windows XPe’s new File Based Write Filter

Ever thought that XP Embedded’s Enhanced Write Filter would be really useful if you could selectively protect individual files, rather than having to lock down entire partitions?  Well XP Embedded’s Feature Pack 2007 is just what you’ve been waiting for…  Check Out Milong Sabandith’s White Paper on WindowsForDevices (http://www.windowsfordevices.com/articles/AT2380812751.html) .  So now there’s no excuse…


License Differences between Xp Embedded & XP Pro

I’m often asked about the differences between XP Embedded & XP Pro.  A colleague of mine generated the attached slides which I’ve found very useful.  Let me know if it helps or if you need more information…   XP Embedded vs XP Pro Licensing.doc


I will never use Windows CE or XP Embedded !!!

Recently remembered this post from Mike Hall’s blog a while back (http://blogs.msdn.com/mikehall/archive/2004/12/22/331034.aspx).  Still a really good read… I will NEVER use Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded !!! That’s quite a strong statement, right ? – so why wouldn’t I use Windows CE or Windows XP Embedded ? The operating systems are too big There’s no…


New Book on WEPOS

SJJ Embedded Micro Solutions has just released a new book by Sean Liming that focuses on Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS). The book covers installation topics for OEMs installing WEPOS and provides application and service object examples for POS for .NET developers.   The 238-page book, titled Windows Embedded for Point of Service…