XP Embedded – From London to Mongolia in a Fiat Panda.

One of Microsoft's UK Gold Partners has developed an innovative XPe solution for capturing the remarkable journey of a Fiat Panda (Tiny Italian car) from London to Mongolia. 


All the money  raised will go to charities that are actively helping rural people in Mongolia and in Africa to help themselves, their families and their communities.  Whatever remains of the vehicle and any donated equipment will be auctioned when it gets to Ulaanbaatar and the proceeds given to Mongolian charities.


It's all for a good cause.  Details of the solution along with the link for tracking their progress can be found below.



MPC Data's technology heads for Mongolia!


MPC Data has sponsored one of the entrants of this year's Mongol Rally by creating an embedded solution to capture their progress in real-time.


The unique modified Fiat Panda is driving from the UK to Mongolia in order to raise monies for rural families in Mongolia and Africa.  MPC Data has created a Windows XP Embedded image that will allow Windows XP to run from a solid-state disk, thereby creating a highly robust solution  for operating in the harsh environment of a vehicle.  A custom application captures timelapse video from a USB webcam and stores the images on a USB memory stick.  As a 'headless' system, start-up, operation and shutdown all need to be fully automatic and totally reliable.


To follow progress of the Fiat Panda and to find out more about our embedded capabilities visit our website www.mpc-data.co.uk


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