Did you here the one about…. the Internet Connected Fridge

Well this Electrolux fridge really does run XP Embedded.  It's an MP3 player, allows you to store video messages for the Family and future versions are planned to include inventory management through a built-in barcode scanner - All it needs is Media Center Extender functionality and everyone will want to be in the kitchen at parties.

It even keeps food cold

You can find info at:  http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30400-13519165,00.html.  What other household devices do you think are good candidates for an Embedded platform and why?

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  1. Jeff Parker says:

    No media center? What about the XP plus pack that has that secure media player for parties. I am not on my home computer so not sure the name of it. But that is great I actually have a PC in my kitchen running Media PLayer with the party mode which lets guest choose songs and so on on from the loaded playlist but they can not get into the computer. They should have put this right on the fridge.

    As far as what other devices. I honestly can’t think of one that need a full computer. All you really need is one PC in the kitchen maybe running bluetooth. To look up recipes, sinc grocery lists. A bar code scanner etc. Now add Windows Aware devices running blue tooth, well where do you stop on what all appliances you need.

    Back in the late 90’s me and my roommate from college built a secure web page on a server in classic asp at home hooked up to an X 10 switch. We could be flying in or coming home with some lovely ladies we met or something and remotely fire up the the hot tub as it took an hour or so to get all warm and cozy. Now I am getting older and well my priorities have changed some. Now it would be nice to come home to a fresh pot of coffee or maybe having to work late and being able to set the crock pot on keep warm instead of letting it continue to cook all evening and dry out or what about if I decide I am stopping at the grocery on the way home, it would be nice to get my list remotely. Of course things like this nature also all need an auto shut off feature. Imagine turning on your oven before you come home from work and getting stuck behind a wreck and looseing an hour or so on your way home to find your home burned down.

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