Choosing an Azure Database Migration Service (Azure DMS) tier

What is the Azure Database Migration Service (Azure DMS)?

The Azure Database Migration Service (Azure DMS) is a fully managed service designed to enable seamless and frictionless migrations from heterogeneous database sources to Azure Data platforms with minimal downtime. The service is currently in Public Preview, with development efforts focused on:

  • Reliability.
  • Iterative addition of source-target pairs.
  • Continued investment in friction-free migrations.

For Public Preview, Azure DMS will enable migrations from SQL Server 2005 and later versions to Azure SQL Database.

Choosing an Azure DMS Tier

There are currently two tiers for the Azure Database Migration Service:

  • General Purpose: Supports 4 vCores.
  • Basic Tier: Supports 1 vCore and 2 vCores.

The recommendations that appear in the section below are generated based on tests using with the following source and target environment characteristics:

  • Source database schema used for this recommendation represents a standard TPC-C database.
  • The source database was hosted on a Standard DS12  Azure VM with 4 Cores and 28 GB Memory.
  • Multiple target Azure SQL Database Performance Levels (single database).
  • The source and target database(s) were hosted in the same Azure region.

Estimated data transfer rates for Azure DMS

The following table shows the estimated data transfer rates to Azure SQL Database performance levels using different Azure DMS tiers .


During the migration process, use the recommendations for the appropriate pricing tier and Azure SQL Database performance level based on the size of the database being migrated as shown in the following table:

After completing the database migration, use these guidelines to determine the Azure SQL Database performance level based on your workload.

Additional Resources

For more information about Azure DMS and guidance about database migrations, view the following resources:

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