Azure Database Migration Service – March Update


We are pleased to announce the latest update to the Public Preview release of the Azure Database Migration Service (Azure DMS): Support for migrations from SQL Server to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance!

Azure DMS now supports on-premises SQL Server database migrations to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

Azure DMS reduces the complexity of cloud migrations via the use of a single, comprehensive service. Azure DMS supports migrations of homogeneous/heterogeneous source-target pairs, and the guided migration process is easy to understand and implement.

Using Azure DMS to perform a migration is a simple as following these high-level steps:

  1. Create an instance of Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.
  2. Create an instance of the Azure Database Migration Service.
  3. Create a migration project using the Azure Database Migration Service.
  4. Run the migration.
  5. Monitor the migration.

Next steps

Other resources

For information about additional migration tools and services, view the following resources:

In summary

Take advantage of this latest feature today and be sure to let us know what you think! We look forward to working with you to realize the full potential of Azure DMS!


The Database Migration Team

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