Announcing the Azure Database Migration Service Public Preview!

The Database Migration Team is pleased to announce availability of the Public Preview release of the Azure Database Migration Service (Azure DMS).


Azure DMS is a fully managed migration service designed to work together with our time-tested migration engines such as the Data Migration Assistant (DMA), the Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA), and SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA). These tools are tuned to ensure the best migration experience, whether upgrading from legacy versions of Microsoft SQL Server or moving from sources such as Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, etc. We have migrated 30K databases in the past six months using these tools and DMS service.

Azure DMS leverages this functionality to provide rich orchestration capabilities that enable you to organize your databases into project(s) and perform source assessment, schema and data conversion, and validation activities. These activities can be assigned to one or more compute nodes to meet your budget and/or timeframe goals. With these capabilities, Azure DMS makes it easy to plan migration tasks, run proof-of-concept migrations, author scripting for automation, and ensure that your final production migration to the Microsoft Data Platform friction-free.

Azure DMS is designed to be the underpinning of a cloud-scale database migration platform on which we can rapidly enable additional source-target pairs. Since we first launched the service in May 2017, we have continued to enhance the capabilities based on feedback from customers and partners in our Private Preview program. We thank each of them for their active involvement in helping us to identify and refine the features that they consider most important, and we look forward to learning more from them in the future.  In addition, we will be extending our Private Preview audience by onboarding many more participants to help validate upcoming scenarios and streamline capabilities to ensure that data migration/modernization goals are realized with ease.

Public Preview release

Today’s Public Preview release of Azure DMS supports migration of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later versions to Azure SQL Database. Incremental releases will provide support additional source-target pairs, minimal downtime migrations, and more. In addition, Azure DMS will become the strategic hub for all migrations to Azure as we move to integrate the functionality of our client-side engines (DMA, DEA, and SSMA) into the overall workflow. We are unique in this model because we meet our customers where they want to be, whether it be performing an upgrade/migration to Azure SQL Cloud or to the latest version of SQL Server on-premises, Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

The Public Preview release of Azure DMS is currently available in the following regions:

  • East US
  • South Central US
  • West US
  • Brazil South
  • West Europe
  • North Europe

Scenarios in Private Preview

Next steps

To find out more about this exciting new service and how it can help you with your migration efforts, view the following resources:

  • For more information about what Azure DMS can do for you, go here.
  • For detailed documentation on Azure DMS, go here.
  • To begin using Azure DMS for your Microsoft SQL Server to Azure SQL Database migrations, log in to the Azure portal with your Azure account credentials and set up an instance.
  • To nominate yourself for the scenarios being offered in Private Preview, go here.
  • To provide feedback on your experiences using the Public Preview release of Azure DMS, go here.

Other resources

For information about additional migration tools and services, view the following resources:

In summary

Take advantage of our latest migration offering today and be sure to let us know what you think! We look forward to working with you to realize the full potential Azure DMS!


The Database Migration Team

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