DEA 2.1 General Availability: Release Overview – Database Experimentation Assistant


Database Experimentation Assistant (DEA) is a new A/B testing solution for SQL Server upgrades. It will assist in evaluating a targeted version of SQL for a given workload. Customers who are upgrading from previous SQL Server versions (SQL Server 2005 and above) to any new version of the SQL Server will be able to use these analysis metrics provided, such as queries that have compatibility errors, degraded queries, query plans, and other workload comparison data, to help them build higher confidence, making it a successful upgrade experience.

What is New?

Following improvements are part of this DEA 2.1 version update:

  • Simplified installation and dependency management:
    • DEA installer now allows for silent installation of all its dependencies (barring R-Interop and CRAN) using Command line.
    • Previous releases of DEA required internet connection for downloading Jsonlite package while creating reports. In this release, Jsonlite package is part of DEA Installer now letting the users to create DEA analysis reports without internet connection.
  • Export Report: Enable the users to export the raw data of DEA report as *.csv file.
  • Encrypted Connections: Allows encrypted connections to SQL Server instances from DEA.
  • Bug fixes from DEA 2.0: Bugs reported from DEA 2.0 have been fixed.


The following pages gives a step by step guide to leverage DEA for workload comparison


You can install from Microsoft Download Center. Run ‘DatabaseExperimentationAssistant.exe’ to install Database Experimentation Assistant tool.

Existing features

Supported sources and target versions

Source: SQL Server 2005 and above
Target: SQL Server 2005 and above
Analysis: SQL Server 2008 and above

How to contact DEA team?

Customers can submit feedback through a simple UI in DEA tool or send an email to

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