The Migration Guide is now available for Public Preview!

We are pleased to announce Public Preview availability of a new database Migration Guide for enterprise customers, partners, and business decision makers who are interested in moving to the Modern Data Platform, for example migrating from Oracle to SQL Server or to Azure Data Services.


Hosted on the Microsoft Web, the Migration Guide is designed to make it easy for any customer, partner, ISV, etc. to move their data to Microsoft’s Modern Data Platform. The goals of the Guide are to:

  • Address content gaps by providing comprehensive, step-by-step guidance for performing migrations.
  • Improve the discoverability of the guidance, tools, software, and programs that are available to assist customers with performing these migrations.

This Migration Guide serves as a single point of entry for users, providing a guided migration experience, with details on how to migrate from a specific source platform to a specific target platform. The Guide informs and educates users, and it recommends specific courses of action based on the selected migration scenario. Prescriptive guidance provided in the Migration Guide includes pointers to:

  • Documentation (best practices, customer case studies, MSDN articles, blog postings, white papers, videos, presentation decks, training, etc.).
  • Tools or services to assist with migrations.
  • Recommended partners.
  • Associated Customer Programs.
  • Cost estimations and return on investment analysis

Public Preview

The Public Preview release of the Migration Guide will provide coverage for selected migration scenarios:

  • SQL Server upgrades and migrations to Azure SQL DB
  • Oracle to SQL Server /Azure SQL DB
  • MySQL to SQL Server/ Azure SQL DB
  • DB2 to SQL Server/Azure SQL DB
  • Sybase to SQL Server/Azure SQL DB
  • Access to SQL Server/Azure SQL DB

Important: We plan to regularly update and supplement the Migration Guide content over the course of the Public Preview period, with changes reflecting preview feedback and the availability of additional scenario details.

Call to action

The current version of the Migration Guide is available at the following link:

Please take a few minutes to review the Guide and consider:

  • The existing content.
  • Additional content/learnings/guidance to add.
  • The overall user experience.

After you have a chance to work with the Guide, please be sure to submit any feedback you might have by using the links in the footer of the Migration Guide pages:

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to share additional content for any of the scenarios covered in the Migration Guide.

Thanks in advance for your time and effort,

The Data Migration Team

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