Released: Data Migration Assistant (DMA) v3.1


Data Migration Assistant (DMA) enables you to upgrade to a modern data platform by detecting compatibility issues that can impact database functionality on your new version of SQL Server. It recommends performance and reliability improvements for your target environment. It also allows you to not only move your schema, data, but also uncontained objects from your source server to your target server.

DMA replaces all previous versions of SQL Server Upgrade Advisor and should be used for upgrades for most SQL Server versions (see below for supported versions).

What is new?

DMA v3.1 is a minor version update and includes following additions:

  • Improved assessment recommendations for Azure SQL Databases around database collations, use of unsupported system stored procedures, and CLR objects.
  • Added assessment guidance for compatibility levels 130, 120, 110 and 100 migrating to Azure SQL Databases.

Existing features

Data Migration Assistant (DMA) v3.0

Data Migration Assistant (DMA) v2.1

Data Migration Assistant (DMA) v2.0

Data Migration Assistant (DMA) v1.0

Supported sources and target versions

Source: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, and SQL Server 2016
Target: SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, and Azure SQL Database


You can install the tool from Microsoft Download Center. Execute DataMigrationAssistant.msi to install Data Migration Assistant.


Comments (2)

  1. Dave says:

    Any chance the application can ‘save’ assessment projects? I don’t really want to have to re-run an assessment every time I open the application (can take quite a while!), and ‘Export Report’ output is certainly not as user friendly.

    To be honest, I am a bit confused by the ‘Delete Assessment’ option, because I seem to lose the Assessments when I close the application. Does the work differently for Migrations?

    1. Harini Gupta says:

      Hi Dave, Thanks for using the DMA tool and providing feedback. Sorry about the pains you are experiencing and that this functionality isn’t available already. However, the ability to save or persist assessment & migration projects is in our backlog and will be available in future releases. Stay tuned…

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