"Data Explorer" is now Microsoft Power Query for Excel

Along with the Power BI related announcements at the Worldwide Partner Conference on July 8 2013, we are pleased to announce that Microsoft Power Query for Excel (previously known as codename “Data Explorer”) has reached General Availability and is now available for download. Please follow the Power BI blog for future updates and how-to articles on Power Query. We also announced the upcoming preview of Power BI for Office 365, to learn more visit us at office.com/powerbi

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  1. Robbee Minicola says:

    Congratulations! What an amazing effort!

  2. Where is the documentation on how to use Power Query -> From Other Sources -> From Hadoop File?

    A sample would be great here.

    (I have written up the procedure for Importing results from HDInsight.)

    Cheers, Brad Severtson

  3. Hi Brad,

    Documentation page for how to connect to HDFS can be found here: office.microsoft.com/…/connect-to-a-hadoop-distributed-file-system-hdfs-HA104019825.aspx

    There isn't much described in this page, as the behavior is fairly similar to the one for HDInsight covered in this blog post: blogs.msdn.com/…/mashups-and-visualizations-over-big-data-and-azure-hdinsight-using-data-explorer.aspx

    Only prerequisite is that your HDFS instance has to support the Web HDFS protocol.



  4. Dallon Martens says:

    Looking forward to having yet another powerful addition to one of the greatest software tools in the world.

  5. Omar Khan says:

    Can you extract data from Analysis Services using power query? Any documentation would be helpful.

  6. Andrew Allaway says:

    What an amazing product!  Powerful data integration tool; yet accessible to all, not just the elite few who understand the Kimbal v.s. Inmon debate.  This is a game changer folks! /*analytics_to_the_masses*/

  7. suraj kumar says:

    gettiing error: need help to connect.

    [DataSource.Error] Facebook: Failed to get the graph from 'graph.facebook.com/…/activities because of a parameter error. This can happen when trying to access data about friends of friends that have not added the Microsoft Power Query Facebook App.

  8. david says:

    can the power query be installed on the excel 32 bit student version?

  9. ganesan says:

    Shall i specify port number for server(namenodeserver:50080) to connect from Power Query. I saw the example namenodeserver name should be specified in the Hadoop Distributed File System dialog box. Is it necessary to run namenodeserver listening port number 50070.

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