SQL BULK COPY ERROR (“Operating system error code 5(Access is denied.)”)

  While there are various forms of bulk copy this blog specifically deals with copying data from a file into SQL Server. It deals about the specific error “Operating system error code 5(Access is denied.)” which might crop up under certain circumstances when doing a bulk copy. For a while now I worked with a…


SQL Server Import Export Wizard fails while trying to retrieve the data from Pervasive Database

When trying to import data from Pervasive DB to SQL Server 2008 DB using import/ export wizard we get the following error message :- “Column information for the source and the destination data could not be retrieved, or the data types of source columns were not mapped correctly to those available on the destination provider.”…


Write method of OpenSQLFileStream is generating Event 2000 Errors on SQL Server

One of my customers was experiencing a lot of event 2000 errors on the SQL Server Machine. These were happening every time when they call the Write method to a SQLfilestream from an XP client. The issue occurs only on XP Client OS and not on any other Operating System. Below is the OpenSQLFileStreamAPI Call…


Unable to execute a remote stored procedure over a linked server

I ran into an interesting situation when executing a Remote Stored Procedure on Linked Server using four part query.  Vista-3139 which is a SQL Server 2005 instance is linked to the SERV2003\SQLDUMMY which is a SQL Server 2000 named instance. When I tried to execute a stored procedure: EXEC [SERV2003\SQLDUMMY].SQLAdmin.dbo.sp_ddlevents Got the following error message. Could…


Running SQL Server ‘Default’ instance on a non-default (or non-standard) TCP port: : tips for making application connectivity work

We know that with the default setup of SQL Server (SQL Server 2000/2005/2008), the ‘Default’ instance listens on TCP port 1433. But we have seen that some customers prefer running SQL Server ‘Default’  instance on a TCP Port other than 1433 (a non-default TCP Port) – primarily for security reasons. If a ‘Default’ instance of…


Java two tier applications will show connection leak symptoms with Microsoft SQL JDBC driver when running outside of a Web Server or Web Container

Java two tier applications running outside a java web server or java web container using SQL Server as the database may show symptoms of connection leak . This applies to new applications as well as the ones migrated from Oracle/DB2 or other databases. If the command netstat –anob is run from command prompt there will…


Testing connection to SQL Server from a service running under Local System Account

  We sometimes run into scenarios where an application or a windows service running under Local System Account needs to connect to SQL Server and encounter authentication Errors/issues with SQL Server. In SQL Developer support team, we have worked on customer issues where SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) or a…


How to create a linked server in SQL Server 2005 for Sybase ASE 12.5 database using DataDirect’s ODBC Driver and OLEDB provider?

Linked server in SQL Server 2005 to Sybase ASE 12.5 can be created with both ODBC driver and OLEDB provider.  Below are the steps. A. Creating Linked server for Sybase ASE 12.5 from SQL Server using DataDirect Sybase Wire Protocol ODBC driver Install the DataDirect ODBC Driver for Sybase on the machine running SQL Server….