SSRS – Bing Maps seem to be broken with latest changes in Bing Map Service

Reporting Services Reports that contain Bing Maps seem to broken due to a change in the Bing Map APIs. From the initial analysis, Bing Maps SOAP web service seems to be shut down after July 31, 2017.

When we access the Bing Maps API from SSRS we are calling into this method, and are receiving this message: “The service method is not found”.


Please note: This issue is fixed.

Authors: Aparna Vishwamitra & Kane Conway

Comments (8)

  1. Kenneth Demming says:

    Any idea when service will be restored?

  2. Jovie says:

    I have encountered this also have you resolved this issue?

  3. Kenneth Demming says:

    Is there a work around or some other method for C# .net application I should be using. I am only interested in getting drivable distance between two points.

    1. Bob J says:

      What is the temporary fix?

      1. Internally the code has been fixed and the issue stands resolved now.

  4. Chris says:

    AND… Dropbox linking says “The request to link is invalid” Plz help.
    Still have a Black screen in Roots Magic mapping. Your above link regarding Bing Maps is NOT linking either. Now WHAT!

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