ODBC Driver 11 and above fails with Output parameter of type SQL_VARIANT


If you have an application which is using ODBC driver 11 or above and is executing a stored procedure with an output parameter of type SQL_VARIANT, the execution fails with the following exception:

An error encountered: SQLState = HY000, NativeError: 0, ErrorMessage: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server]Protocol error in TDS stream.

Please do note that the issue happens only when we you use ODBC 11 or above driver with SQL_VARIANT type.  At the same time, when you execute the same code logic with SQL Native Client driver, it will succeed without any errors.


Cause / Resolution:

Our product team has confirmed that this is an issue with our ODBC 11 and above drivers. We're working towards including the fix as part of August CU. The release details will be updated as soon as the fix is released.



Selvakumar Rajakumar
Escalation Engineer
Microsoft SQL BI-ONE Developer Team




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