Sync framework might fail to sync data

Database sync might not work if we copy the same database file to all the clients after provisioning it. Recently I came across a very interesting Sync framework issue. The customer had two mobile clients connected to the server . He was making some changes on one of the Client and as expected it was…


ExecuteCommandTextErrorHandling error while using SSMA for Sybase

I had a Sybase to SQL server migration related issue recently. While working on it I discovered a few things about which provider SSMA for Sybase uses for migrating database schema and actual data. I thought of blogging about it and sharing the information. I will deal it in two parts first is when we…


Microsoft Releases SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v.5.0

Microsoft announced today the release of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) v5.0, a family of products to further simplify the user experience in automating the migration of Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and Microsoft Access databases to SQL server or SQL Azure. Microsoft announced today v5.0 release of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) family of products.  It…


Unable to retrieve next sequence value from a migrated Oracle sequence

Background: SSMA 4.2 emulates an Oracle sequence as a table containing an IDENTITY column. Each sequence gets its own table, prefaced by the literal “$SSMA_seq_”.    Thus, an Oracle sequence named SUPPLIER_SEQ would be migrated to a table in the target SQL Server database named “$SSMA_seq_SUPPLIER_SEQ”, defined as     CREATE TABLE [dbo].[$SSMA_seq_SUPPLIER_SEQ](             [id]…


SQLExceptions while trying to perform add , delete or update operation using the DataGridView control

You may see some SQLExceptions while trying to perform add , delete or update operation using the DataGridView control in .net framework. This post will speak about Adding and Deleting rows to the relation tables using windows application using DataGridView control in .net Framework 4.0 using Visual Studio 2010. I have created 2 tables called…


Executing an INSERT statement on a View in linked server

Consider this scenario where you have a linked server from one SQL server to another SQL Server. Both the SQL Servers are SQL Server 2008 SP2 on Windows 2008.   Say the two SQL Servers are Server A and Server B. Linked server from Server A to Server B is set up using SQL Native…


The SSIS and Excel Story Continues

Folks, in my continued experimentation with SSIS and Excel I found out another roadblock which is typically permission related and want to highlight the same in this post. This time I used the script task to read and save an Excel (.xls) document using the Excel.Application class. The code typically loads an excel file based…


Importing Excel 2010 Data into Sql Server

Guys, I was really excited to find out that Excel 2010 overcomes the limitation of having a maximum number of 255 columns in a worksheet. Personally I always wanted Excel to get around this column limitation while storing data. However, I wanted to share my experience about the little trick we need to do in…


Basic troubleshooting for SSIS

This is a video blog about troubleshooting basic SSIS issues. It basically covers 4 topics –: 1) SSIS Service 2) SSIS troubleshooting methodologies 3) SSIS connectivity 4) SSIS package via SQL agent job.     Author : Ouseph(MSFT), SQL Server Technical lead, Microsoft