SSMA error ‘External variable cannot be converted’

Today I am blogging about an error that I frequent come across while working on SSMA cases . I tried to search more information about this error in the net but it never returns any useful result.

So thought of blogging it.

While migrating data from access database to SQL server we sometimes come across the following error:

"A2SS0069: External variable cannot be converted."

This error happens when it tries to migrate Access queries into SQL views.

If you check the Access query that is throwing the error, you will see that the query is referring to some external data. For example it may be pointing to some field in the access form.

Select Field1, field2 from tbl1 where field1 = Forms!form1!TxtCName

In the above example the query is referring to a user input in the access form (Forms!form1!TxtCName).

We cannot migrate such queries to the SQL. Either we need to check off the query from the selected queries or modify them before migration.

Author : Snehadeep(MSFT), SQL Developer Engineer, Microsoft 

Reviewed by : Naresh(MSFT), SQL Developer Technical Lead, Microsoft

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