Quick update re: Data Access blog.

We’re putting this blog (Data Access blog) into suspended animation. That doesn’t mean we will stop blogging about ADO.NET and data access stuff, or that we’ll take down published posts or comments here – it’s just means we’ll carry on blogging about ADO.NET (current and future releases including info on ADO.NET Entity Framework, EDM, LINQ…


ADO.NET vNext – feedback so far

Since announcing our ADO.NET vNext plans at TechEd last week, the team has been on the lookout for your feedback on where we heading with the next release. This post is a round up of some of the comments / feedback we’ve heard. It’s certainly not all of it, but should give you a flavor…


ADO.NET vNext screencast

Hi – I’m Shyam Pather, Development Lead on the ADO.NET vNext team. I’m incredibly excited to share some demos of ADO.NET vNext in action. By now, many of you may have read the whitepapers and blog entries describing the new features. In this pair of screencasts (Part 1 and Part 2) you’ll be able to see…


ADO.NET vNext: The Entity Framework, LINQ and more

Once you are done with shipping large products such as SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 you’d expect to have a quiet time for a while, slow down a bit, that kind of stuff… Turns out that it wasn’t the case this time. Right after SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 were ready…


Fun Hash Joins with VB9 LINQ

Brian Beckman is a Software Architect in the Data Programmability team here at Microsoft. His latest post should give you a good idea of the kind if stuff he’s working on – Fun Hash Joins with VB9 LINQ.


Developers! – Express contest – win $10K

A new worldwide contest for developers has been launched by the folks at Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express. Here’s how it goes: you think of something cool using Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express. It could be desktop app, a web app, a mobile app, whatever.  Then you submit your cool idea here. Once the…


.NET Rocks! – LINQ with Barry Gervin

Over at .Net Rocks!, Regional Director Barry Gervin introduces LINQ, a nascent set of language extentions providing query services for list-based objects. – Alex Barnett,Community Program Manager