We love customers like David Hayden!

We love customers like David Hayden! David has been spending time at the MSDN Forums (in particular the .NET Framework Data Access forum) helping out those who’ve got stuck and blogging a bunch of ADO.NET 2.0 stuff. Here’s a list of David’s helpful ADO.NET 2.0 articles and free tutorials: GetSchema and DbProviderFactories – List of…


Adding nesting options to DbConnectionScope.

I managed to squeeze in enough time to implement nesting options for the DbConnectionScope class.  My approach was to follow the nesting option pattern given by TransactionScope, so I added a DbConnectionScopeOptions enum with Required, RequiresNew and Suppress options.  The effect of these options is entirely contained within the DbConnectionScope constructor. Required: If Current is…


ADO.NET Versions and Indexing

Julia Lerman over at DevSource posted this quick article: “Someone asked me about ADO.NET indexing which encouraged me to write about some of the amazing performance tests I have done comparing VS2003 and VS2005’s DataTable indexing.”

Fun Hash Joins with VB9 LINQ

Brian Beckman is a Software Architect in the Data Programmability team here at Microsoft. His latest post should give you a good idea of the kind if stuff he’s working on – Fun Hash Joins with VB9 LINQ.


Developers! – Express contest – win $10K

A new worldwide contest for developers has been launched by the folks at Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express. Here’s how it goes: you think of something cool using Visual Studio Express and SQL Server Express. It could be desktop app, a web app, a mobile app, whatever.  Then you submit your cool idea here. Once the…

An Introduction to Data Structures

In November 2003 MSDN Online published a popular six-part series on using data structures in the .NET Framework. In 2005, the first part was updated to take advantage of the new data structures and features available with the .NET Framework version 2.0, and C# 2.0: “We’ll examine both built-in data structures present in the .NET Framework, as…


Conversation with scientist, engineer and database legend Jim Gray

Channel 9 has posted great video interview with Jim Gray, a researcher and manager of Microsoft Research’s eScience Group. “This episode features Jim Gray. He is a “Technical Fellow” in the Scaleable Servers Research Group (Sky Server, Terra Server) and manager of Microsoft’s Bay Area Research Center (BARC). Jim has been called a “giant” in…


Data Binding in ASP.NET 2.0

Jesse Liberty has written up a good article showing how to bind data into ASP.NET control over at O’Reilly’s brand new ASP.NET 2.0 Training Center site: “…in the next version of the .NET Framework a great deal of the ADO.NET object model has been incorporated into controls that let you interact with data declaratively, and…