PDC 05 demos – Query Processing over DataSet, Fast Uploads, Caching

First of all I’ll have to apologize because it took me several months to put this code out here. Right after PDC we were so busy that I didn’t have the chance before to sit down, clean-up the code a little bit, add a bunch of comments and write a README file.

Finally, here are the samples for the PDC session DAT408 - "ADO.NET 2.0: Advanced Data Access Patterns". The demos include:
- A small sample query processor that allows you to run queries (with projection, filter and joins) over the DataSet
- An implementation of a technique for really fast change processing against a database server
- A demonstration of a caching scheme that uses SqlDependency and DataSet for granular cache loading and expiration

You can also see the actual talk with me speaking here, you can download the slide deck here, and the whole talk for offline viewing here.

Enjoy! (and sorry again for the delay 🙂

Pablo Castro
Program Manager - ADO.NET Team
Microsoft Corporation

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  1. Jeff Kwak says:

    I attended this talk at the PDC, and it was one of the best of the show. I’ve been missing the sample code — thank you very much!

  2. Sahil Malik says:

    I had been looking forward to this. :). Thanks for making these available.

  3. Jim McKeeth says:

    Thanks man! I am so glad you posted this. It was an amazing presentation.

  4. w00t – I have been looking for these guys since the PDC ended (both here and on the data access insiders NG). I have to agree with Jeff, one of the best talks at the show. Thanks Pablo.

  5. Erl Egestad says:

    Just wanted to echo that this presentation and demo was the best one at the PDC.

    I presented this to the Phoenix SQL Server User Groups last night (with proper HUGE plaudits to Pablo) and everyone loved it.

    One item that I think needs to be covered in a white paper on MSDN or on a blog somewhere is EXACTLY what is required to make the SqlDependency Class work with SQL 2005 from a service, security, configuration perspective. I’ve heard/read all kinds of things on the requirements but I can not find it listed anywhere in a succinct manner.

    When I ran the demo from the presentation with the SQLDependency – it first it didn’t work – the breakpoint in the global.asax file that starts the SqlDependency didn’t fire. I can’t remember what I did to get it to work – whether it was a reboot, recompile of the project or what, but all of a sudden it started to work.

    When I then tried to run it again at the presentation, it didn’t work.

  6. AleM says:

    Tremendous talk, great presentation. Demos rocked! Pablo, when are you planning next talk?

  7. Paul Elliott says:

    boy i am humbled

  8. Ido Ran says:


    I wanted to say that I was waiting for this bits for a while and now that I have them it’s great. I have used DSQuery in my project and everyone who saw it knows it the sexiest thing every.

    Sure, some day LINQ will do that, but until that day I rather use DSQuery.

    Thanks ADO.NET team and Pablo,


  9. Data says:

    Welcome to the Microsoft Data blog. I’m Samuel Druker and I lead a group that’s responsible for building…

  10. Pablo Castro, seful echipei de ADO.NET si-a publicat prezentarea si demo-urile de la PDC: http://blogs.msdn.com/dataaccess/archive/2006/01/09/510083.asp

  11. Pablo Castro, seful echipei de ADO.NET si-a publicat prezentarea si demo-urile de la PDC: http://blogs.msdn.com/dataaccess/archive/2006/01/09/510083.asp

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