Announcing the MDAC 2.8 sp1 Redistributable [Brad Rhodes]

We have shipped MDAC 2.8 sp1.  This is the version of MDAC that originally shipped with Windows XP sp2.  It is also the version of MDAC that is included in SQL Server 2000 sp4. 

This version of MDAC fixes a number of important security bugs.  The download page is here.  You can see the Release Manifest here .  You can see a number of the bugs that were fixed in this release in the KB article here.

Many people on the MDAC team have worked hard to get this release together.  In particular, Jason Waters, Debra Dove and the MDAC test team led by Uwa Agbonile.

As always we are interested in getting feedback on our releases.

Brad Rhodes
Lead Program Manager, Data Access Technologies.

Comments (2)

  1. Adrian Emmott ( says:

    Hi, thanks for the update on mdac sp1.

    Do you know if sp1 or mdac 2.8 solves this issue?

    Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

    Thanks, Adrian

  2. Debasish Bose says:


    Thanks for the update on mdac sp1.

    I’m wondering whether this will solve my issue –

    I ported a OLEDB provider from VC6 to VC2005. Although faced with lots of

    breaking changes I finally was able to make it compile and work. But I’m

    observing a strange behavior after that. While populating a recordset for

    update(CCE) if –

    1. Base table has PK and I’m fetching it explicitly or *

      select empno, ename from emp;


      select * from emp;

    (where empno is a PK)

    2. Base table doesn’t have PK and I’m fetching rowid(hidden col.) explicitly.

      select rowid,* from emp1;

    (where emp1 table doesn’t have a PK)

    everything works fine. but select empno from emp in case 1. or select * from

    empno1 fails with CCE error saying

    "Key column information is insufficient or incorrect"

    What I know for sure that this has something to do with keycolumn or

    especially DBCOLUMNFLAGS_KEYCOLUMN. It seems that Microsoft intentionally

    deprecated this flag overriding its earlier 0x8000(collided with a reserved

    flag) value.[ see oledb.h ]

    In the corresponding IDL file that generates the OLEDB.H file it’s commented

    that use IColumnsRowset::GetColumnsRowset to return the keycolumn metadata as

    a part of column rowset metadata. But we are already doing so.

    Any help on this issue will be extremely appreciated.



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