ADO.Net 2.0: Relative paths in ConnectionString [Sushil Chordia]

In SqlClient Managed Provider, there has always existed (right from ADO.Net 1.0 days) a keyword in the connection string called AttachDbFileName. The user could have the location of the database file assigned to this keyword in the connection string and when opening a connection, this file gets attached as a database on the server. Here…


SqlDependency changes for RTM [Sushil Chordia]

As mentioned in my previous blog, SqlDependency is a new feature in .Net framework 2.0, which provide a mechanism to notify an app when a cache is invalidated. We got enough feedback from customers in Beta 2 with regards ease of deployment (some issues here) and security that we decided to make some changes for…


PDC05 is next week!

The Microsoft Professional Developers Conference will happen next week in Los Angeles. We’re all really exited about this and we’ve been working on content and demos for our talks, as well as cleaning up some of our prototypes for the future generation of .NET technology to bring them to a show-able state 🙂 Here comes…


Introduction to SQL 2005 Native XML Web Services (SOAP)

The Native XML Web Services (SOAP) being a new feature in SQL 2005, I like to provide a brief overview of what it is and possible scenarios where it may be more useful then using normal SQL connections.  SOAP as many of you know stands for Simple Object Access Protocol.  It is an open messaging…


Getting the MARS Sample working in the June CTP

Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) is a cool new feature in SQL Server 2005 which allows you to start and begin processing another query while you are in the middle of processing a different query on the same connection. Unfortunately the MARS sample which ships in the June CTP (see for more information) has…


SSL in SQL Server 2005 [Il-Sung Lee]

I often receive questions inquiring about the (channel) encryption capabilities in SQL Server 2005. Like SQL Server 2000, 2005 can use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to secure transmissions over the wire independent of the network protocol used.  However, unlike its predecessor, SQL Server 2005 will always make encryption available, even if the administrator hasn’t provisioned a SSL…


Using MARS with SQL Native Client [Chris Lee]

As stated in my previous post, the majority of new features available through SQL Native Client are accessed by connection or statement properties. MARS is about the simplest new feature to use in SQL Server 2005, and possibly the one we’ve all been waiting for the longest, so it’s a good candidate for your first…


Getting started with SQL Native Client [Chris Lee]

As Acey Bunch explained in April, SQL Native Client meets the needs of developers wanting to take advantage of new features in SQL Server 2005 from ADO, ODBC and OLE DB applications. For those of you who haven’t looked at SQL Native Client yet we now need to start the education process of how to…


Win the Ultimate Chopper!

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Exceptions in ADO.Net 2.0 [Siraj Lala]

I’d like to briefly talk about some of the work we have done in ADO.NET 2.0, for improvement of Errors and Exception usage. In ADO.NET 1.1, several error messages were generic and didn’t have enough detail to make them actionable. An example of this is the infamous “General network error” that could occur in variety…