Support added for Cloud Numerics format

Microsoft Codename "Cloud Numerics" is a SQL Azure Lab that lets you model and analyze data at scale. Now when you want to upload a file with Microsoft Codename "Data Transfer" to Windows Azure Blob storage for use in Cloud Numerics, you can choose to have the file converted to the Numerics Binary Format. This only applies to CSV and Excel files that contain numerical data ready for analysis with Cloud Numerics.

When uploading to blob you will be presented with a choice of output format.



When you select Numerics Binary Format, you will receive additional options regarding the file that you are uploading.



You can run a model in Windows Azure after the data transfer of the Numerics Binary Format file completes. Here is a C# example of a model that computes Eigen values using Cloud Numerics: 

public static void Main(string[] args)


    // Step 1: Initialize the Microsoft.Numerics runtime to create

    //        and operate on Microsoft Numerics distribute arrays



    //Setup the Azure values used in the Data Transfer

    string account    = "tbd";  // Azure Account

    string key        = "tbd";  // Azure Storage Key

    string container  = "tbd";  // Azure Container

    string file       = "tbd";  // Name of Numerics Binary Format File


    //Load the Numerics Binary File into a distributed array

    var sr = new SequenceReader(account, key, containerName, fileName, 0);

    var berlinAdapterResult = Loader.LoadData<double>(sr);

    long[] shape1 = berlinAdapterResult.Shape.ToArray();

    int  ndims1 = berlinAdapterResult.NumberOfDimensions;

    Console.WriteLine("Container: {0}, File name: {1}", container, file);

    for (int i = 0; i < ndims1; i++)


       Console.WriteLine("Dimension {0} has length = {1}", i, shape1[i]);



    //Calculate the Eigen values

    var result = Decompositions.EigenValues(berlinAdapterResult);

    Console.WriteLine("Eigen values :\n {0}", result.ToString());


    // Shutdown the Microsoft.Numerics runtime

    Console.WriteLine("Numeric Binary Format Successfully Read.");

    Console.WriteLine("Hit enter to continue ... ");




To learn more about deploying this model, please visit SQL Azure Labs Microsoft Codename “Cloud Numerics”.



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