Why Public Cloud beats Private Cloud for Analytics: A Data Warrior’s Perspective

By Bill Eldredge, Associate Architect As the former head of the Big Data Management and Governance team at Nokia, I was responsible for managing our internal business customers’ needs and expectations use of the private Hadoop cloud and related Big Data Asset we spent five years building and maintaining. Unfortunately, several of those years amounted… Read more

Hacking Web Service Parameters for R Modules in Azure Machine Learning

By Bob Savard, Senior Consultant Purpose The purpose of this blog post is to use a particular use-case to explain how web service parameters are used in Azure ML, and how you can enhance their existing capabilities. Introduction to URIs in Azure ML Using Azure ML Studio, users publish REST web services. Interaction with those… Read more

Basket analysis with SQL Data Warehouse

Stefan Cronjaeger, Technical Solution ProfessionalMichael Hlobil, Architect, Data Insights Global Practice Shopping basket analysis typically asks questions like: “If a customer bought product A what might she also be interested in?”. This is typically used for recommendation engines or for arrangement of products in the shelves of the shop. In order to answer these questions,… Read more

Event Hubs / Stream Analytics / AzureML / PowerBI End-to-End demo – Part III (Enhancement and Visualization)

By Alexander Turetsky, Solution Architect This is the final part of a series of blog posts describing a real-time prediction demo. In the previous posts I’ve described data ingestion and preparation process as well as consuming ML model for prediction. In this post I’ll describe how to use Stream Analytics to enhance and filter data… Read more

Using Azure Machine Learning Notebooks for Quality Control of Automated Predictive Pipelines

By Sander Timmer, PhD, Data Scientist When building an automated predictive pipeline to have periodically batch-wise score new data there is a need to control for quality of the predictions. The Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipeline will help you ensure that your whole data set gets scored. However, this is not taking into consideration that… Read more