Data Mining Plugin for Excel 2013

Data mining option is a plugin for Excel 2013. You can build powerful mining models and even work with a range of data in excel sheet to exploit the power of mining in a simple and intuitive way.

Download the data mining plugin for office 2013 from the link below.

Once installed, you can see the ribbon with various choices as shown below.


The ribbon has

1.       Data Preparation

2.       Data Modeling

3.       Accuracy and Validation

4.       Model Usage

5.       Management

6.       Connection

We start with Connection. Go through the wizard to connect to Analysis Services.

For people familiar with mining, the wizards are a breeze. It gives description of what the model does.


Explore Data allows you to choose a single column of data and will allow bucketing.  You can choose the number of buckets.  You can also add a new column back to your data range defying the group into which data belongs .i.e. you start with one column and end up having another column with ranges defined.

Clean data will help in removing the outliers by either deleting it or changing value of outlier to a minimum / maximum specified.

Sample data helps create a sample dataset from the bigger sample. You can input either a percentage or a fixed number of rows. It will then split data into “selected data” and “unselected data” tabs.


When you start creating a data model, the dataset is automatically split into a training set and a testing set.  Wizard provides option to enable for browsing and drill through.

Classify and estimate provides values of another column based on column selected

Clustering gives mean, standard deviation, probability for the population and a feature to compare between clusters.

Similarly Associate and Forecast provides data for unknown time periods.

Advanced wizard helps you create a mining model or add a model to a structure.

It is easy to use data mining features in Excel.  You will have to do some prep work to understand what is mining and the uses of mining models.


Comments (20)
  1. Mohammad says:

    I have installed it yet and set up my sql yet it wont work

  2. Matt Hughes says:

    I'm running this with SQL Server 2012 Developer Edition with Excel 2013.  Let's see…Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, Power Map, and Data Mining…Excel and SQL Server have become a very powerful combination.  If you're a Data Analyst this is as good as it's ever been.

  3. Mohammad, What is the issue ? Why wont it work

  4. Ibrahim says:

    Is it a must to have Sql Server 2012 installed before the add-in can work in excel?

  5. IanCockcroft says:

    Hi, I have sql 2012 and office 2013 pro plus,. when i try run this, i get an error: needs 32 bit version of office 2010. any idea why?

  6. zach says:

    Hello everyone,

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  7. Lizzy says:

    Yeah, unfortunately this sounds great until you actually try to use it on something practical. Extremely tiny data sets are all it can do. You either have it churning forever only to have it burp out a message object not found or it completely disappears from your screen while attempting to train a model.

    MS SQL 2012 Enterprise

    MS Office x64

    12 Core Extreme


    These stats mean absolutely nothing because Office x64 does not even attempt to utilize the memory available. At best it works off a single processor.

    No, it is not an installation problem. There is only one way to install it.

    Normally I would not have wasted my time even responding to this thread but I thought it beneficial for others to read before they drop a lot of pennies on SQL and Office. 15 plus years since data mining has been available for MS SQL and I must say – this product is useless!

  8. NorSivad says:


    This link should fix your problem. There are two version of the add-ins. Use the larger in bytes download.…/sql-2012-data-mining-add-in-for-office-2013-prerequisites-error.aspx

  9. Neil Salkind says:

    I appreciate this help very much.

    I installed the data mining plug in for Excel 2013 but it does not show up on my Add-Ins under Options nor on the ribbon. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks – Neil

  10. Neil says:

    Oops. Do I need to be connected to a SQL Server Analysis Services database to use the data mining plug in?

  11. arcus4.28 says:

    Hi Neil, no the DM Add-in should show up in the ribbon when you open an Excel file. At least, that is what I saw after the Installation of the x32 version of the Add-in.

  12. Jet says:

    Is there a blog/document that explains in detail how the prediction calculator actually works and the calculations behind the various numbers? For example: Suggested Threshold to maximize profit is based on the VLOOKUP on the table. However, how are the various numbers in the table (false positive, false negatives, etc.) calculated?

  13. Anand says:

    I guess We can use the Data Mining table as  linked table to power pivot dynamically

  14. priyanka padhy says:

    only work in excel sheet,it is valuable or not

  15. agraj says:

    only the work is mining the data ,maintain in excel sheet,no queris using,it is valuable or not

  16. Av111 says:

    Excel stopped working .what to do ?

  17. jas says:

    Is this excel data mining addin works with SQL express server 2014. i downloaded both . But unable to connect excel with SQL express 2014.

  18. Venus SH says:

    I downloaded it but didn't completely install add-in in office 2013 for analyze ribbon tool , just access data mining client for SQL Server 2012 and i cant use analyze tools…

  19. Jacobs says:

    Does SQL server 2012 Data mining  add-in for Excel works for SQL 2014?

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