PowerPivot & PowerView can hold more data with Workbook Size Optimizer

Workbook Size Optimizer http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=38793 The Workbook Size optimizer for Excel can better compress data inside workbooksthat use PowerPivot or PowerView if this data comes from external data sources.The best size compression can be achieved for workbooks based on SQL Serverdatabases and there are a few tricks we can do for other SQL datasources aswell. The…

Hekaton and Bwtree makes the next version of SQL Server super fast

The next version of SQL Server due to release in 2014/2015 is code named hekaton. Hekaton in greek means hundreds and is expected to speed up database performance by 30X times without code changes to existing applications or hardware. Hekaton stores most frequently accessed tables in Memory. A new tool which is being in-built within…


PrimaryKeys can be Nonclustered too?

Yesterday, I came across a case where composite keys were being used and not justifiable. The reason shared was “Primary key by default creates a Clustered index on the table”. A primary key by default creates a Clustered index.  This happens when you use the designer to create a table. Create a simple table and…


SQL Server Data Tools (Part2)

In my previous blog on SSDT, we saw the advantages and ease of use for “connected development”. http://blogs.msdn.com/b/data__knowledge__intelligence/archive/2013/03/29/sql-server-data-tools-ssdt.aspx In this blog, let us see how SQL Server Data tools can be used for Project Based Development. Open SQL Server Data Tools. Connect to Server Right click on chosen database and create new project    …


Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM)

Hi,  The attached pdf was presented at Teched Bangalore and Pune in March 2013. Many of you have asked for slides to be shared and hence I am uploading the same here. Will look forward to your questions and views here BI Semantic Model.pdf