Data + Application Services + Sync= “It’s Still All Data” (the new again-expanded Data Developer Center)

Last November, at the start of the 2009 PDC, we launched an expanded Data Developer Center that incorporated XML and SQL Server Modeling (formerly “Oslo”) technologies. It was a challenge to create a site structure that could accommodate eight or more distinct technologies under one roof, but it seemed to work well and allowed space… Read more

MSXML4 is going to be kill bit-ed

Our XML team announced this morning that, as a part of our MSXML4 End of Life plan, we will kill bit MSXML4 in the October – December timeframe of 2007. The kill Bit applies to Internet Explorer only, after which, applications will not be able to create MSXML4 objects in the browser.   We are… Read more

Best practices with MSXML on the browser

Adam Wiener, Lead Program Manager for Data Programmability / XML Technologies, has worked closely with the IE team in the lead up to the IE7 release. As part of that process, Adam looked at the use of XML in the browser and concluded: “During this investigation one thing has become immediately obvious – there is a… Read more